I enjoy playing boardgames, and have many ideas for games of my own - some of which are listed below. Where the game is not yet written there is no link - I will write these when I get the time!


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Kings and Queens

A set of cards showing the kings and queens of England which can be used to play a number of games

Murder on the Orient Express

A Cluedo-like game, based on the Agatha Christie novel, where players move around the Orient Express gathering clues and solving the murder.

Come Die With Me

A murder mystery game which requires players to logically analyse clues and information to identify the murderer.


A one or two player game where players choose a particular type of gladiator, and move around the arena, choosing which attacking or defending move to make. The one player game will have an "intelligent" matrix where the opponent will act depending on the moves made by the player.

Time Travel Gamebook

A gamebook utilising a time travel mechanic.

Pirate ships

Pirate ships moving around a hex board, firing on each other, boarding etc. Players will be given points to kit out the ships at the start of each game - for speed, number of cannons, number of crew.

Robin Hood /
Knights of the Round Table

Players are characters from these epics, and travel round the board completing quests and improving their characters. The board is semi-random. Quests are drawn at the start of the game and players win victory points for each quest completed. Further quests can be drawn during the course of the game.


Players draw and play cards to develop their technologies, build improvements, build armies. They can also attack opponents to steal technologies, destroy improvements or cards.

Each card has a dual use - as a technology / improvement / army unit, and as a resource - gold / food / brick / metal.

Gang Wars

Players must recruit gang members, take control of city blocks and carry out missions for the Don.

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