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A selection of my meccano models

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Kings and Queens
12/01/13Kings and Queens card game available free to print and play.
New Meccano model
13/10/12Model of Digicomp mechanical digital computer.
Baby Name Chooser
8/10/12My second iPhone app has been published.
RPG Dice Roller
15/07/12My first iPhone app has been published.
New Meccano models
26/04/12Models of Terex Mine Truck and others.
Always on Top
19/02/12Link to article on Always on Top software.
Meccano room
31/12/11Article on my Meccano room.

iPhone apps

RPG Dice Roller - speed up boardgames and RPGs by making dice rolls with a single touch.
Baby Name Chooser - help choose the right name for your baby.

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