Meccano room

This is the corner of our converted garage where I do Meccano and hobby electronics. There is plenty of additional storage above the workbench, and long girders are stored underneath.



The main Meccano storage is a Lista cabinet. This has plenty of room for current and future building stock, and each drawer is full extension and will hold 75kg. Ideal for Meccano, if expensive.



Smaller parts are stored in Lista plastic boxes ...




... but larger parts have custom made dividers. The Lista dividers take up too much space in the drawers! Although the slots in the drawer sides are 2mm, there is too much tolerance on 2mm plastic and perspex, so I have used 1.5mm plastic, joined to the perspex cross-members with one-part plastic cement.


The tolerances are quite small when multiplied across a number of dividers, resulting in the slight bowing of some of the plastic - which does not affect the storage.





Here is the bench set up to take photographs against a white background.


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