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I have had an idea, it remains to be seen how good an idea this is. I want to build every Lego set from 1978 to 1990. These dates are somewhat arbitrary - I was born in 1976 but the first set I really want to build is the classic yellow castle from 1978. However, the first sets I got as a child were 671 and 622 which were 1978 sets.

1990 as an end date probably catches too many themes (eg Blacktron) which I am not that interested in. We shall see if these dates change.

Some rules for this:

I will be purchasing bricks required to supplement my existing brick collection from Bricklink - hopefully the requirement over time will reduce as I have more bricks from earlier models.

Sets not covered from this year: all Homemaker series (232 Bungalow, )

671 Shell fuel pumper

Plus 26 more from 1978 alone!

To follow ...
To follow ...

6681 Police van

6651 Post office van

1484 Weetabix Town House